They are serving her frozen needs, but that could be unhealthy.

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Note: this pattern may emerge with all genders, but for the convenience of the article, I will be addressing women who are attracted to men.

If a man’s dating profile says “playful” “artist” and you swipe right, whereas his solid employment status at the bank gives you a shudder, you may be attracted to a Peter Pan — grown men who evade adult responsibilities.

“I like interesting men; boring dates are the worst.”

This sounds like a complete legitimate reason. …

How to make it work, from a COVID health care provider.

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Holidays are coming. We health care providers have dreaded this season for 2020, and for a good reason — data has been shown that drinking or eating indoors can be an extremely efficient way to spread this virus. The superspreader events that were business conferences or parties at the beginning of the pandemic has now been mostly replaced by these smaller scale, at home events.

The question, especially if you are young and healthy, should NOT be “can I die from this?” …

Do this instead.

I believe in manifestations, and I am hardly alone. Many can attest to the mysterious wind under our wings that seem to appear when we are determined to make things happen — in career or in life.

Some apply this to finding the “One.” I know a friend who listed the qualities of the perfect partner she is looking for in great detail and then kept it in her sacred altar at home. Many others have tried the same, sleeping with a list under the pillow of qualities they look for in their partner, meditate upon it…

Not sure whether to stay or to leave? Use this.

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Long ago, my college roommate, Jennifer, revealed a very simple relationship rule she goes by.

“It’s not pretty, but it helps me.”

She said sternly, pairing her clean socks on the bunk bed,

“If you’re really into the guy, and you think he is wonderful and nice, but if your friends think he is a jerk, he is a jerk. It is called The Jerk Rule.

Who knew that this little observation made by my friend in high school, dispensed while we were folding laundry in our dorm, was a…

A List from a Health Care Provider.

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Whether you have an underlying illness, or not, we have all seen that people can get very, very sick with the COVID. This is what you should prepare if you’re afraid of being very sick with COVID-like symptoms — just in case things get south and you end up in your nearby ER.

Prep ahead. Pack when you’re healthy and well. Take a small bag, preferably a bright colored washable bag, and use a sharpie to clearly write your name on it.

Make a poster that says in big letters, “If you are taking me to the hospital, please bring…

I’m a health care provider. I’m also Japanese, and while I’m situated here in the U.S. — in one of the states with growing number of new cases — my whole family is back in Japan. So, naturally, I’ve been following COVID-19 news obsessively, reading everything I can find in both English and Japanese.

There’s been some excellent articles on COVID-19 and its potential impact on our health care system and economy on Medium, as well as many news outlets, so I won’t go in here. What I see lacking in English articles, however, is the PRACTICAL advice on prevention.

When you haven’t yet fallen in love, but you genuinely like this person so far — can you make that magic happen?

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We think love is magical. The notion that there is a system to “falling in love” often gets repelled and disputed, as people often cannot stomach that it is possible to methodically approach such a mystical process. The truth is, this process has been studied. No, not as extensively as it should be as other topics in the Psychology field (Renee Brown, author of Daring Greatly, points this out as an unfortunate deficit).

However, if you look at…

Whether it is a dating app or a chance romantic encounter, there usually is a time where things stay in grey-zone in the beginning — undefined, unofficial, and yes, often times, non-exclusive. This could be a beginning of a long commitment with babies and two houses and you guys in rocking chairs on the porch fifty years down the line, or, your partner may be wondering how to bring up that he or she wants to sleep with you, and nothing more.

This uncertainty is anxiety-provoking, of course it is. So, you’ve had your sixth date or whatever, you can…

First came the euphoria, then came the dread. You don’t have to stay there.

Anxiety in relationship is real. Even if you don’t have the typical “Anxiety Attachment Style” — the tendency to cling on even harder when the other withdraws — it is still common to have some anxiety, especially at the beginning of a new romance.

The discovery, the butterflies. Then courtship. Euphoria.

He or she is perfect, there’s no one else like him/her.

And then?

Anxiety and fear.

Is she or he really into you? You may be craving for a sign. You may be analyzing every…

In case you need a reminder.

Giving him spaces, sometimes literally, is a good thing.

OK, so, opposites attract. Whether it is your partner or a good friend or even a sibling that is an introvert, and you happen to be someone who thrives on talking, touching, and just overall being around people, your expecting or demanding that similar connection CAN give way to a nail-on-glass irritation if you are not mindful of that person’s needs. Are you the introvert? Well then, you know what to do. Send this article to that friend for a not-so-subtle hint. If they are true friends, they will stay true friends.

Not talking…

Emiko Tsunagari

Certified Life Coach, Columnist, Health Care Provider, Mother. Seeker of movement and connection. I write about being the best version of ourselves.

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